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Sai Ram!
This posting is about what had transpired for us on the 8th March 2016.

As previously stated we attended the final hours of the Shivaratri Akhanda Bhajan
 which finished at 6am.
We were all given special Prasad which was tamarind rice & sweet pudding.
That was enough to fill us up. So there was no need for breakfast.

 Around 9.30am, I took a walk along Puttaparthi Main Road.
You can see that on Post No.4

We took it quietly on that day.
 Going for lunch at Prasanthi, then resting for most of the afternoon.
Since my son had not seen the Holy Chitravati River.
I took him down there via Chitravati Road.
  We also visited the Wish-Fullfilling (Kalpavruksham) Tree.

Here's a video, I put together.

 Here are some screenshots of that walk.

Off we go!

Went to visit Swami's Parents Samadhi, but it was closed.

Samadhi Road

Chitravathi Road

The many stalls along the way.

On the banks of the Holy Chitravati.

A Shiva Linga in the middle of the river.
Not a drop of water anywhere! Very dry!
There were some dogs sleeping under the leafy canopy.
It was very hot!
I dared not disturb them, so I did not get close.

The river bed. No water!

 We walk up the almost endless steps to the Wish-Fullfilling Tree.

Stalls are lined most of the way.
Some of them were even watching the cricket on their small TV.
You need to be fit to get up there. Its a long way!

The Kalpavruksham Tree was damaged by a storm some years back.
They have protected it now with wire mesh around it.
All those rolled-up papers you see are prayers.
A lady who sits up there provides pen & paper, flowers, coconut etc, for offering.

A young boy there, does a pooja for you, breaking the coconut, offering the incence etc.
Then you place your personally written prayer on the mesh under the tree.
It all costs money...of course! Its their livelihood!
Suddenly a group of women turned up.
They were asking for a photo. We obliged! Then they sang a bhajan!
You can see that on the video.

We climbed further to the top of the hill.
Tibetan Prayer flags blowing in the wind.
From there you can see the whole of Parthi.

Back down we went...

We came back as the Vedam was being chanted in Sai Kulwant Hall.

A few of the monkeys in the street.


 Looks like he is filming us from above.

Wonder what she is thinking?


 We were both feeling exhausted, so we missed Darshan that evening.
Only returning to Prasanthi for dinner.

In the evening,
 I took my son to the Sri Sathyamma Temple and the old Shiva Temple, as he had not yet seen them.
Except for the Sathyabhama Temple, all the other Temples were closed at that time.

Here's a short video snippet, I put together

Also called ‘Sathyamma Temple’, this is a temple dedicated to the worship of Mother Sathyabhama, the divine consort of Lord Krishna.
 This is a unique temple because seldom in any part of India is this type of homage offered to Mother Sathyabhama.

It was built by the pious Sri Ratnakaram Kondama Raju (the Bhagawan’s paternal grandfather) and in explanation of this unusual tribute to Sathyabhama, he said that he was persuaded to erect the temple, by events that occurred during a strange dream!

The Dream: In the dream, Kondama Raju saw Sathyabhama, alone, expectant and forlorn, waiting anxiously for her lord, who had gone on an errand to bring her the much-coveted ‘Parijatha’ flowers. The minutes increased to hours and the hours accumulated into days but still there was no sign of Lord Krishna! So, Sathyabhama broke into tears. There ensued a huge storm accompanied by thunder, lightning and a heavy shower of rain. Luckily, Her eyes fell on Kondama Raju who was passing across the place where she stood and she asked him to provide some shelter. This led to the determination of Sri Kondama Raju to raise a temple for the Consort of the Lord.

Here are some screenshots.


 Shiva Temple

It was getting late, so we retired for the night.

 Another day awaits us!
The 9th of March

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