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7th March 2016

Sai Ram!!!
 Its the most auspicious of auspicious days!
Being here in the land where Sai Shiva chose to reside in His embodiment for 86 years
and even still very much present there, as the formless aspect...Saieshwara!!!
He never left!
I felt most fortunate to be there.
Awoke early and not really knowing what will unfold...I surrendered!
It was around 4.30am
I heard familiar bells ringing in the distance and knew exactly where it came from.
Grabbed the video camera and headed off!

It was very quiet at that time in the morning.
The locals were preparing the temple. Colorful lights graced the temple itself.

In the space of 30 minutes, it became a hive of activity.
Rickshaws were arriving with devotees.
The morning prayers from the mosque just around the corner could be heard.
More and more arrived making salutations/offerings to Lord Sai Shiva.

Soon we could hear Shiva bhajans getting closer.
It was a group of mainly school children coming up the road.

They arrived at the temple and circumambulated around Lord Shiva 3 times singing various bhajans, finally going inside the inner sanctum, to offer their salutations before finally leaving again down the road, just before Lord Surya was about to rise above the distant hills.
 Puttaparthi had awaken!
Here is a video, I filmed during that time! 

 Shiva is revered as the Form to be adored for the acquisition of Jnana. ‘Jnanam Maheshwarat lcchet’, as the Vedas advise (Pray to Shiva for wisdom). So, do not treat this Day lightly. Do not reduce the disciplines prescribed by the sages for its celebration such as fast, vigil and uninterrupted recital of the Name of God, into a routine ritual, or a chance for picnic, revelry, rivalry or factious fun. Contemplate on this day and on this night, on the Atma Linga, the Jyotir Linga, and be convinced that Shiva is in every one of you. Let that Vision illumine your inner consciousness...Baba

The three worlds and the Trinity are present in every human being. The three are to be regarded as one and worshipped as Shivam. What is Shivam? It is the embodiment of Auspiciousness. When man recognizes the unified form of the Trinity his humanness acquires auspiciousness. - 17 Feb 1996

 The Principle of Shiva (Shivatatwa) teaches the unity of Prakriti and Purusha (the Creation and the Creator). Every human being is Ardhanareeshwara (a mix of masculinity and femininity).
 This is the true meaning of Shivaratri. - 15 Feb 1999

 You will be observing Shivaratri in the true spirit of the term only when you give up bad qualities and cultivate divine love. Merely observing vigil on Shivaratri is not sufficient. You have to contemplate on God incessantly. - 14 Feb 1999 

 He who has understood the truth that Shiva and the Jiva are one and the same is the true Brahmajnani (one who has known the Brahman). Shiva and Jiva are not different as the same divine Atmic principle is present in both. One who has realised this truth is a true human being. The objective of human life is to understand this truth. - 13 Sep 1999

 In most of the Shiva temples you will find the idol of the bull installed right opposite the lingam. Devotees taking darshan of Shiva look straight over the head of the bull, for the bull itself is taking darshan with concentrated devotion which they want to share. Just as the devotees of Shiva keep company with His vehicle, the bull, to earn His Grace, you too must choose friends who by their company would help in raising your aptitudes. - 30 Jul 1978

 There are sixteen aspects for the mind. The moon is the presiding deity for the mind. Of the sixteen phases of the moon, today in the fourteenth day of Margashirsha month (lunar calendar), fifteen of the phases are absent. On this day it is possible to get full control of one's mental faculties.
 Hence it is considered an auspicious day. - 17 Feb 1996

After the glorious dawn we headed to the ashram for Swami's Darshan and breakfast.

The Ashram, as expected was full of devotees.

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